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Gap Year Project

An eighteen-year-old girl on the verge of sweet independence is drafted into the national community service program – shattering her world.

The draft started. Not enough young adults volunteered for the Gap Year Project, the national community service program to “fix America.” And even with her family’s wealth, connections and threats, Ashlyn Waters cannot get out of it.

This socialite has planned her entire life after high school starting with friends, college, and finding out who the hottie with the piercing blue eyes is. But instead, her worst nightmare comes true – camping and working for an entire year in the wilderness amongst complete strangers that are nothing like her.

She never could have imagined this kind of life. Alone and unprepared, Ashlyn realizes she needs more than a curated profile and trust fund to get through it. And just as she begins to accept her fate, a secret romance, her domineering father, and ex-con bunkmate rip away her sense of safety and identity. She’ll have to let go of her fear and everyone else’s expectation, if she wants to blaze her own trail.

With sneaky plot twists and gripping relationship dramas, this coming-of-age novel is a fast-paced, page-turner for adults of all ages.

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  Love Notes

"Hello Kim! I opened your book on Monday and finished it yesterday.  Actually, I was late getting to our friends for dinner because I wanted to see how it ended.  It is a wonderful read, and I would read a ton more sequels or a prequel of the book." - Megan
"Kim! I loved reading the book! I finally started a few days ago and really enjoyed it. I feel like I know Ashley and Trish and Blake et al. And I can imagine being in the camp. Ashley’s a strong character; inspiring! Of course I LOVE the school garden and how it was transformative and the way she and Blake share the experience. Nice. Thank you for the pleasure!" - Gillian
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